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Typography Workshop | Collaborative Type

Today was our final session of the typography series with tutor Nick; it involved working collaboratively combining our individual experimental typefaces to create a larger outcome. We were first formed into groups. Our… Continue reading

Typography Workshop| Developing a Typeface

Unfortunately I missed our latest typography workshop with Nick Deakin in which we are progressing with creating our own experimental typeface. The first workshop involved choosing a phrase and sketching different typography approaches.… Continue reading

Workshop | Monkey Munch Finished Packaging

After 2 previous workshops with tutor Jay, today we had our final session in cereal packaging. For this session, we should have had a design already created. By doing this we used the… Continue reading

Cereal Packaging Workshop

In my spare time, I have proceeding designing my packaging for the cereal Monkey Munch. This was for a workshop with tutor Jay a couple of weeks ago. For next session, we should… Continue reading

Brass Agency Workshop

As part of workshop week at university, I have signed up a variety of sessions. This morning I participated in a workshop led by Ally Dowsing-Reynolds and Rebecca Tredget from Brass agency who… Continue reading

Creating a Typeface Workshop

This week at University is workshop week in which interesting and engaging workshops our available each day. Today was my first session with tutor Nick Deakin which focused on creating a typeface. We… Continue reading

Cereal Packaging Design Workshop

In today’s session with tutor Jay, we proceeded with our workshop in character creation and packaging design to create our own cereal brand. In preparation for this session, I had already drawn up… Continue reading

Monkey Munch Packaging Design

A couple of weeks ago with our tutor Jay, he introduced to us our new workshop in which we have to create a character that represents a new brand of breakfast cereal. After… Continue reading

Typography Workshop | Nick Deakin

Today’s workshop with Nick focussed on Typography. He began the session by showing us various examples of creative typefaces. We were then told that for the session we will be provided with a… Continue reading

Jays Workshop | Character Development

In todays workshop with Jay, he introduced to us our new project. The aim is to create a character that represents a new brand of breakfast cereal. The┬ácharacter will be used on packaging… Continue reading