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After Effects: Importing Files

This tutorial was all about importing files into After Effects. There are different ways you can import a file into After effects, you can simply go to file and import, you can right click… Continue reading

After Effects: Layer Types

This session was another After Effect tutorial, this introduced the different layer types and how you can modify them. There was a solid layer, adjustment layer and shape layer. This tutorial was rather… Continue reading

Photoshop: Portrait Clean-up

This session involved learning how to do a Portrait Clean-up using a provided image of a woman.  When you first view the woman you don’t necessarily think she needs a “clean-up”; there isn’t… Continue reading

Illustrator: Adding Colour

I was looking forward to learning Illustrator because I’ve had it on my laptop for over a year but I’ve never got into it. In this session, I followed a tutorial, created by… Continue reading

Photoshop: Channel Masking

I have a good understanding of Photoshop, but there are always things to learn and there are so many ways of doing the same thing!  In this session we focused on cutting more… Continue reading

After Effects Basic

A slideshow of the images and media provided in the first After Effects Tutorial

After Effects: Basics

Our next session, we had a temporary tutor. In this session, it was basically an introduction to After Effects, which I highly needed as I have never used before. We followed tutorials through… Continue reading

Photoshop: Masks

As we had used the pen tool last session, and touched upon masking, we could now try something more advance. Using the photography provided, we removed the fish from its original image, and… Continue reading

Photoshop: Adding colour to images

Using provided images from the tutor Jay, we was taught how to add colour to an image.  The image provided had been drawn and scanned in, providing a good template to work with. As… Continue reading

Photoshop: Pen tool- Latte Box

Our first Photoshop tutorial was learning how to cut around an image, separating it from its original using the pen tool. I am quite familiar with Photoshop, however there are so many ways… Continue reading