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After Effects: 2D-3D

In this Tutorial we looked at how we make a 2D illustration into a 3D. Firstly we had to import a file called “city” which was a coloured drawing saved as a psd… Continue reading

After Effects: Page Turn

This tutorial taught us a technique on After Effects creating a page transition “turn” so that it appears as though the page is being picked up and turned- like a book. We first had… Continue reading

InDesign Tutorial- Mini Assignment

In Monday’s tutorial with George- the tutor, he felt as though he had done his place in teaching us the basics and a general understanding of InDesign, therefore as I way of proving whether… Continue reading

InDesign: Working with Text

In todays InDesign tutorial with George, the majority time were spent repeating what we had already done last tutorial session. I wasn’t sure if this was for people who may have missed or… Continue reading

After Effects: Working With Sound

This tutorial involved creating an animation with sound. Jay provided a sound file which we imported onto After Effects, he also explained to us that with sound, pressing the space bar to play… Continue reading

InDesign: Basic- Using Text and Images

This tutorial was more insightful than last weeks, although we still covered the basics, we managed to use InDesign more this time, mainly inserting text and images. To add text we selected “file”… Continue reading

After Effects: Keyframes and Pre-comps

In today’s After Effects workshop, Jay provided us with a video tutorial which we was to complete. Normally I find After Effects quite challenging, but this workshop I thought was very straightforward and… Continue reading

InDesign: Introduction

Today we had a new tutorial workshop focusing on InDesign, rather than Photoshop- which we have been doing previously.  This was a fairly basic introduction into the main functions in order to gain… Continue reading

After Effects: Text

When creating the slideshow in the first After Effects tutorial, we touched upon using text, but nothing compared to the extent of its capabilities in After Effects.  This tutorial was all about how… Continue reading

Photoshop: Colour Correction with Curves

This tutorial was about using colour correction with curves to manipulate an image and do so in a non-destructive manner. Using an image provided, we was taught to balance out the white and… Continue reading