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Essay Poster | Perception of Authorship

For my theory module at University, I wrote an essay about the perception of authorship within art and design. The essay makes reference to appropriation and style whilst contextualizing existing perceptions of authorship through… Continue reading

Chris Margerison | Guest Lecture

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to attend a guest lecture held by freelance creative Chris Margerison who specialises in Graphic Design, Illustration & Character Design. The purpose of the lecture was so that… Continue reading

Rob Seminar | Summative Assessment

In this morning’s seminar with tutor Rob Lycett, we discussed the requirements for our summative assessment week which starts on 18th May. For this submission, the following areas need to be included: Studio Practice,… Continue reading

Rob Lycett | Friday Seminar

This morning’s seminar was focused around the essay posters- in which the majority of us submitted last night. The poster is supposed to be a visual representation of the subject in our essay,… Continue reading

Rob Seminar | Good Practise of Contextual Records

In this morning’s lecture with Rob, we focussed on our contextual record. In his spare time, Rob gathered a collection of blog posts in which he thought were examples of good practise. The… Continue reading

Rob Seminar | Essay Writing

In this mornings seminar with Rob, we focused on essay writing as the deadline is soon approaching. I really needed this seminar as I am struggling with my essay. So far I have… Continue reading

Jonny Durgan Lecture & Workshop

Today was the final day of workshop week at university in which previous graphic design student, Jonny Durgan, kindly led a lecture and review workshop. After studying graphic design, although interested in the… Continue reading

Gary Hustwit | Guest Lecture

Recently, independent film maker and photographer Gary Hustwit held a lecture at University. This was very exciting because I knew of Gary from his popular documentary films Helvetica and Objectified. Gary Hustwit is  based… Continue reading

Rob Seminar | Analysing Text

This morning’s seminar with tutor Rob gave us the opportunity to discuss our chosen text pieces and get feedback from our peers. For the session we had to bring in pages 2 and… Continue reading

Staff Specialism | Jonathan Lindley

In today’s morning lecture, previous student and new tutor Johnny spoke about himself and his professional practice. As Johhny is quite new to the team, It was a good opportunity to get to know him… Continue reading