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YCN MOO | Photo-shoot Production

With everything ready for the shoot, I went to the studio with my friend Joe on a Saturday to set up my scene. Initially I had decided to use this metal box frame… Continue reading

YCN MOO | Photo-shoot Preparation

In preparation for shoot, I designed a head and brain silhouette on illustrator. This was because I want it to be a celebration, not only of design, but the mind- concept behind design.… Continue reading

YCN MOO | Final Digital Variation

Before jumping straight into the final photo-shoot, I thought it would be a good idea to try some digital variation. By doing this, I can experiment with layout and colour. I can envision… Continue reading

YCN MOO | Finalising Idea

From completing my laser cutter experimentation, I felt quite satisfied with my exploration, and now wanted to refine my ideas to start thinking about my final outcome. I decided that the combination of… Continue reading

YCN MOO | Laser Cutting Type

From researching Hort, I really liked the Jassenova piece project in which they used cut out type- reading “Jassenova” from materials such as card and foam. When visiting Hort, I actually saw this… Continue reading

Laser Cutter Experimentation

Rather than just relying on the internet, I decided to visit Queen Street studios and ask the technicians about the laser cutter. A member of staff kindly showed me the studio where the… Continue reading


HORT is a multi-award winning design agency based in Berlin, Germany. They have worked with clients such as: Nike, Universal and The New York Times. My images used our scans from the brilliant… Continue reading

YCN MOO | Lucas Jubb

Lucas Jubb is a very talented freelance illustrator and graphic designer living and working from West Yorkshire, England. I am familiar with Lucas’ work because he is a previous student at the University… Continue reading

YCN MOO | Paper Illustrations

Using paper roll borrowed from the University photography shop, I set up my scene by taping the paper on a curve at the back of the frame. This is so that the light… Continue reading

YCN MOO | Origami Experimentation

Inspired by Aishti Minis and the WAY Channel, I decided to experiment with paper illustrations, which was one of my initial ideas. The concept for my experimentation was to create paper illustrations that… Continue reading