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The Level Collective | Development

I was fortunate enough to have my design chosen as one of the favourites for The Level Collective live brief, therefore decided to develop my design digitally. I am still in progress on… Continue reading

TLC | Huddersfield Venture

Inspired by wanderlust and Mae Chevrette I used my weekend leisurely and explored places of Huddersfield. In doing this I hoped to find inspiration for TLC. Taking my bag and camera I hiked… Continue reading

TLC | Mae Chevrette & Wanderlust

Wanderlust: A strong desire to travel. This is an important factor in the TLC brief as they are truly inspired by adventure and exploration. This passion is shared with painter, photographer and road-tripper… Continue reading

The Level Collective Briefing

This morning we were provided with an option of two live briefs: The Level Collective and Mighty Giant. Each brief provided a different approach to design. The Level Collective… “An independent ethical clothing… Continue reading