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College Work Slideshow

As there is a lot of work that I have done at college, rather than looking at each post, I have created a Slideshow.  The Slideshow will show my work from the three… Continue reading

Wyre & Fylde Baits- Project and Art Exhibition

This was my final project at college, therefore was my strongest collection of work, which happened  to result in a full mark A* Grade. I filled two Square sketchbooks of work for this project,… Continue reading

Fusion- Respiritize

This project was done in my second year of college, when I felt a little more confident with Graphic Design. I experimented and developed throughout the project, resulting in creating some strong examples… Continue reading

Damaged Homes- A Chance For Change

This project was done in my first year of college, when Graphic Design was still new to me. However I managed to create some strong examples of work which I was proud of.… Continue reading

College Projects

This Blog is mainly for documenting my Graphic Design work at University; however I feel as though it will be most beneficial to include previous work I did whilst at college.  This is because… Continue reading