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LRG Brief Five: Creative Exploration 5

For my Final exploration, before going home I decided to collect items from Freeport.  I did this by going near the docks to a sanded area and found items such as shells and… Continue reading

LRG Brief Five: Creative Exploration 4

For my fourth exploration, whilst sitting down after finishing up my collage, I decided to simply admire the view and sketch aspects of Freeport which I feel sums the place up, and therefore… Continue reading

LRG Brief Five: Creative Exploration 3

I decided that for my third exploration I would do something physical, rather than relying on technology. Therefore, I collected various tourist leaflets from the information desk at Freeport in hope to create… Continue reading

LRG Brief Five: Creative Exploration 2

After fully exploring my place, I decided that for my next creative exploration, I would create a map of Freeport, thinking as though the viewer as has never been there.  To do this,… Continue reading

LRG Brief Five: Creative Exploration 1

When I arrived at Freeport Fleetwood, my first way to explore the place was the most natural, by using a camera. Whenever I travel , I always bring a camera so that I can capture… Continue reading

LRG Brief Five: Choosing my “Place”

My first initial idea was to visit somewhere in Manchester as I was going there on the weekend anyway. However, choosing somewhere because it was convenient was not a good enough reason, and… Continue reading

Landscape Research group: Brief Five

I have recently been assigned the final brief for the Landscape Research Project. This brief is a little different to the previous, and I get the impression it is going to be challenging. Brief… Continue reading

LRG Brief Four: Final Design

This is my final design for the Landscape Research Group Project.  This info-graphic piece portrays not only my creative process, but many others I’m sure. As this was created on Illustrator and exported… Continue reading

LRG Brief Four: Layout Variations

I knew that I wanted my design to be simplistic and use a list method when informing my creative process; therefore I sketched a design based on this.  By using the numbering, it… Continue reading

LRG Brief Four: Final Idea

Using pinterest helped me visualise a range of possible layouts that I could try for my infographic. But I also had to think if each design would logically work with the information I intend on… Continue reading