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Street Graphics: Project Presentation

This shows each stage of my project which I have blogged about, in order, from beginning to end as a slideshow. Advertisements

Street Graphic: Final Pieces

Project Representation

With Final pieces approaching I needed to think about what my final pieces could be and what they can represent-in regard to the “Street” brief. I wanted to include the transportation theme within… Continue reading

Line Art Booklet

Although I was happy with the way I presented my Line art work in my sketchbook for the Lucinda Rogers experimentation; I also wanted to show that each line drawing was individual and… Continue reading

Lucinda Rogers: Line Art Experimentation

Although I was doing rather well with the project at this stage, all I really had was some photos, collage and scans, and I did not think it would be enough to create… Continue reading


In order to create the Kurt Schwitters combination (where I overlaid my first collage with my improved collages), I needed to scan my collages. Although I were familiar with using scanners, I recall… Continue reading

Kurt Schwitters: Collage Book

Using my stronger Collage Experimentation, I created a book so that they are all connected together and can be viewed together. This ensures that they are viewed in a certain order- order of… Continue reading

Kurt Schwitters: Experimentation

As I had never done a lot of collage work before I was a little apprehensive.  I began to collect different materials, found on the streets, or items which I had myself of… Continue reading

Kurt Schwitters

Schwitters 1887- 1948 was a German painter, sculptor, typographer and writer who worked in other genres and media such as: Dada, Constructivism, Surrealism, Poetry, Sound, Graphic Design and what became to be known as… Continue reading

Photo Shoot

I thought it would be beneficial to take my own photography including themes of transport but also inspired by Matt Stuart use people within my images and capture the reality of the streets… Continue reading