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New Visual Language: Final Magazine

Please select here to view my influenced Final Magazine Advertisements

New Visual Language: Research Magazine

Please select here to view my Modernism and Postmodernism NVL Research Magazine

Cover Variation: Adjusting Alignment


Cover Layout Variations

Magazine Masthead: Tone and Colour Variation

I am fairly certain that I want to use the last of my digital masthead illustrations.  I like this masthead because it is very simple, easy to use and manipulate, but, I also… Continue reading

Magazine Masthead: Digital Variation

Taking my masthead sketches I chose the ones with most potential and created them digitally, this was done on Illustrator. I decided that I wanted to use the font Helvetica for my masthead, the… Continue reading

Helvetica: Old and Neue

The Helvetica design can be seen anywhere: print, web, news and the movies.  Since its release in 1957, Helvetica has steadily been one of the most popular typefaces and was very much a… Continue reading

Magazines: Contemporary, Modern, and Postmodern

This day and age, design tends to be a mixture or combination of Modernism and Postmodernism, not just one or the other.  When looking at contemporary magazines I noticed that although each magazine… Continue reading

Cover Designs and Compositions

Before experimenting digitally with how my magazine cover could look, I wanted to do so by sketching designs first.  When doing this, I looked back at my magazine research and was influenced by existing… Continue reading