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Earth Artifact: O.N.L.Y H.U.M.A.N Final Pieces

Below are my final pieces for my Earth Artifact project.  These are individual  illustrations that combine the experimentation and development throughout my project along with my own created type from our typography workshop.  Each… Continue reading

Earth Artifact: Final Piece Idea

I want to create a series of images, visually inspired by Dawn Gardner’s style of work which includes a little bit of everything from my experimentation and development within the project.  I intend for… Continue reading

Earth Artifact: Including Type

I now feel as though I can start thinking about Final pieces for my Earth Artifact project. I have been greatly inspired by semiotics and information graphics and want my final piece to… Continue reading

Dawn Gardner Experiment

I am very impressed with the strong visuals Dawn Gardner creates, and in response I created by own experiment in an inspired style (shown below) To do this I included by Silhouette Illustrations- once… Continue reading

Illustrations Variation

Recently my current progress with the Earth Artifact project was assessed. I found this rather helpful people it gave insight as to another individuals thought and perspective of my concept. Overall my tutor… Continue reading

Dawn Gardner

Dawn Gardner specialises in print based Graphic Design and digital Illustration with a keen interest in typography and book making.  Since the beginning of the project I was inspired by Gardner’s work- I… Continue reading


“True” is formally known as David Riggins, an American artist/designer who works and lives in New York.  I came across True when researching Stefan Sagmeister. Sagmesiter spoke of material done by True in… Continue reading

My Interpretation from the Survey Feedback

With my survey complete and having collected 37 responses, I analysed the results. This was much easier to do once I had wrote each answer down on paper. By doing this I managed… Continue reading

“Seven” Experimentation

What does it mean to be human? I decided to take that question further creating a survey so that different individuals could answer that question from their own personal perspective. This decision was… Continue reading

“Seven”- 1995

Seven is a murder mystery film with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. The detectives try to figure out murders which becomes apparent through the film represent the seven deadly sins- each murder a… Continue reading