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CMYK | Cover Variations

With the brand identity created, I could now move onto the campaign booklet. Therefore I created mock ups of different covers. Whilst doing this, I bared in mind compositions such as the Rule… Continue reading

CMYK | Type Experimentation

Originally, I was going to incorporate black text below the logo reading “CMYK”; however, I did not want to limit myself to the illustration of the three figures and decided to experiment with… Continue reading

CMYK | Logo Development

From my sketches, I was certain to pursue the logo design including the headless figures. I feel that this bold and slightly disturbing visual will reflect well on the influence of celebrity culture.… Continue reading

CMYK Logo Designs

My chosen name for the campaign is “Celebrity Mass over Youth Knowledge” or “CMYK” for short. It was important that I chose a representation for CMYK which reflects on the message of the… Continue reading

Campaign Name Mind Map

To create a Campaign brand, I firstly had to think about what I wanted it to be called. Therefore, I created a mind map of ideas and possible names that explore the main… Continue reading

HeForShe Campaign

He For She was founded this year 2014 and targets gender equality. Gender equality is not only a woman’s issue, but a human’s issue. The solidarity movement brings together one half of humanity… Continue reading

Pop Inspired Print

From looking at multicolour printing, it inspired me to experiment in this style. I found this challenging as it something I have never done before, but also exciting for the exact same reason.… Continue reading

Patrick Saville

Enduring my daily feed from website “It’s Nice That” I discovered Graphic Designer Patrick Saville. Patrick is a British Graphic Designer and illustrator known for his playful design and typographical experimentation. His design… Continue reading