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Cabinet Of Curiosity: Final Piece

    Above shows my final piece for our Cabinet of Curiosity project.  The project required creating a “cabinet of curiosity” whether physical or virtual.  I wanted to create something physical. Our cabinet was… Continue reading

Final Piece Ideas

Before trying to create a final piece “cabinet” I wanted to explore the different possibilities that could be taken.  Each idea has been inspired by my work throughout the project- the experimentation and variation… Continue reading

Experimentation Combination

I wanted to combine different experimental techniques to creates a new experiment.  Using Kenneth Martin random generation technique I combine it with a more creative Pin Art.  Again I used the map to pin… Continue reading

Kenneth Martin Experimentation

When looking at Kenneth Martin’s Chance and Order Series, it looks very complex, however this is due to his method of creation- chance and order. For my first experiment I didn’t want to… Continue reading

Kenneth Martin

Kenneth Martin is widely regarded as one of the fathers of British constructivist art.  He worked with abstraction and inventing and manipulating basic structural elements.  However, towards the end of his life, he… Continue reading

Pin Art Experimentation

Leading up to my Melissa Markell experimentation, I had scanned in numerous items of memorabilia which I had got from different places of travel.  One item was a World Atlas book, which I had got… Continue reading

Pin Art

Whilst researching, I came across “Pin Art” that had been used in the themes of travel and it immediately caught my attention. The creator had chosen a place of interest, and portrayed that… Continue reading

Travel Time Capsule Jars

I thought the idea of time capsules were fascinating, and was very fortunate to of found Andy Warhol’s examples. Doing research into time capsules, I came across some that used jars.  These jars… Continue reading

Mae Chevrette: Experimentation Variation

With the mixed media experiments both completed, I created digital versions by scanning them in. I now could add more text to the image, and do so digitally, as well as making any… Continue reading

Mae Chevrette: Experimentation Continued

For my second experiment, I wanted to focus less on travel and more about one place in particular; home.  Therefore the image will represent Blackpool.  Although Blackpool is a place I slate all… Continue reading