Northen Portrait Exhibition & The Cat-ch

Last month I was fortunate enough to participate in the Northern Portrait Exhibition held at The Artworks, Halifax.


The Artworks is a truly community based organisation which was delighted to feature”Northern Portrait”; a new collaborative student project from the School of Art, Design & Architecture at the University of Huddersfield. The exhibition questioned and celebrated what it meant to be “Northern”.

Although stressful at times it was overall a lot of fun. Whilst working on individual pieces, it was a teamwork effort to build the exhibition space and offer a helping hand. Unfortunately the exhibition is no longer on display, however below is a showreel of all our animation and video entries.

The Cat-ch

When introduced to the exhibition, I proposed the idea of working collaboratively with two of my good friends, Joe and Sophie. Together we wanted to create our representation of what it means to be Northern, thus initiating project: The Cat-ch.

Spray Paint the Cat-ch

The Cat-ch is an experimental and collaborative project that focuses upon three aspects that best connected us to our ‘home’. Aside from my last name “Fish”, I associated Blackpool to the Fisherman on the pier and the fresh taste of seaside Fish & Chips. Sophie is always welcomed back home by her pet cats and Joe knows he’s nearly home when spotting Emley Moor. From this, we challenged ourselves to combine these associations in a funny, playful and minimal style that reflects the simple attitude in the North.

The Cat

To view the full project please check out my portfolio @

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