Essay Poster | Perception of Authorship

For my theory module at University, I wrote an essay about the perception of authorship within art and design. The essay makes reference to appropriation and style whilst contextualizing existing perceptions of authorship through examples from both the Modern and Postmodern period. The essay aims to establish my own stance on the subject and conclude if I believe Authorship may influence or adapt to future design.

Perception of Authorship Poster

In support of the essay, I created a poster- this acted as a visual representation of the essay itself.  I  took a postmodernist appropriation approach to foremost attract the viewer and intrigue them to read the essay. It was designed playfully to contradict the subject, by using an infamous work of art- The Mona Lisa as inspiration. I recreated a version of the Mona Lisa but removed her most famous and controversial feature- her mouth/smile.

In doing this, I replaced it with a cross which implies its irrelevance. Although taking a postmodern approach to the concept of the design, the outcome is minimal and simplistic.  This ensures ease on the eye, whilst showcasing the main visual, supporting text and the strong use of pink which draws the viewer in.

Below are links to PDF versions of both the 2500 word essay and the accompanied poster.

Perception of Authorship Essay

Perception of Authorship Poster

Thanks for reading!