Edict Magazine | Issue 2

There’s Too Much Of Everything 

Recently my course organised a trip to Sheffield where we were fortunate to attend a private tour at print production Evolution Print. At the end of the tour, we were provided with a great range of printed examples from the company. I flicked through various books, flyers and magazines until I managed to find a fantastic bookazine called “Edict” (which I nearly got in a fight for). Edict is a free, biannual, insanity project.

Edict Close Up

The magazine is designed absolutely beautifully and instantly engaged me as a viewer. To be able to take this home, and free of charge was a delight. What really caught my attention was the use of contrasting colours. It uses a sharp pink tone throughout the magazine in contrast to blacks and whites. Flicking through the magazine, there are lovely examples of Typography, Illustration, Design and Photography- mostly taken by photographer Perou who I am familiar with from watching E4 series Dirty Pretty Things. The magazine is so broad in artistic styles however is is made consistent with a clean design and use of contrasting colours from the pink, black and white.

Edict Cover

“We are at saturation point: engulfed by the deluge of everything. Edict is an object of printed art, a relic of the future- an artist recommends another artist- Cathie Pilkington talks to Paul Housely’- a make-up artist tells one story though images- Sam Bryant- Intergalactic Planetary- a restaurateur recommends one things you should eat- Jamie Oliver serves up brains- Perou meets Nobuyoshi Araki- a director recommends just one must see film- Asif Kapadia reviews The Warriors- someone talks about just one object- Cathal Joseph Smyth- Pin- a writer recommends just one book- Warren Ellis reviews The Wake- a stylist tells one fashion story- Namalee Bolle- Childsplay- a Musician recommends just one band- Karl Hyde- Melt Banana- an architect recommends just one other architect- Will Allsop- Studio Egret.”   

Edict Contents

As a huge lover of print design, I found reading Edict very enjoyable. The use of layout made the information so much more worth reading as it was completely easy on the eye and simply beautiful to look at. One of my favourite spreads from the magazine is when photographer Perou meets Nobuyoshi Araki. The overlaid black and white imagery on top of the background and accompanied text works wonders. I also love the use of quotations on top of imagery. The elements of the pages work brilliantly together so that they are not clustered or overpowering and instead uses space very cleverly to let the type breathe.

Edict Perou Meets Nobuyoshi Araki

I am very inspired by this magazine, and will definitely be influenced by it the next time I take on a printed project. In some ways it very much reminded me on my Conversation project from this year in which I created a campaign booklet about the influence of celebrity culture called Celebrity Mass of Youth Knowledge, or CMYK. In this campaign booklet I used sharp colours of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow in contrast to White and Black. As well as this, I also overlaid imagery on top of the coloured pages in a similar way to above.

Edict is very creatively driven, and provides perfect reading material for a relaxed afternoon. I will definitely be on the look out for any further released issues.

Thanks for reading!