Rob Seminar | Summative Assessment

In this morning’s seminar with tutor Rob Lycett, we discussed the requirements for our summative assessment week which starts on 18th May.

For this submission, the following areas need to be included: Studio Practice, Workshops and Tutorials and Theory- including the essay, essay poster and contextual record. In this week we will be assigned a time slot of 45 mins in which we will present to an audience of staff. The studio practice should be placed within a PDF document, whereas workshops, tutorials and the contextual record (worth 40%) should all be on the blog. Other than that, work such as the poster (worth 20%) and essay can be submitted via turnitin as a PDF.

The purpose of the seminar was so Rob can ensure we all understand the protocol and that we will be ready for submission. It is important to be well prepared and have good organisation and time management. Therefore when using my blog, I will ensure I have my work under the correct tagged categories so that it will be easier to find and generally improve navigation.

Rob will only be grading the theory aspect of the submission therefore could only provide advice in these subject. For the poster, Rob said it should be a good example of graphic design, worthy to be included in your portfolio and easy to communication a position, stance or topic. I feel as though my poster successfully does this, and I am happy enough that I have already included it within my portfolio. For the contextual record, Rob said the most significant posts would be those that connect studio practice to theory or work in which you have shown reflection on. I feel as though I have a good range of blog posts to choose from. I will aim for 5 good examples but it might differ on the day.

The beauty about the contextual record is that it allows you to play to your strengths- therefore only show what you are proud of. From Rob explaining the process of submission and advising us what to do in regards of theory it put me at ease, as I feel as though I have made a good attempt in all of these areas. Therefore today’s seminar was rather useful- and enjoyable as always.

Thanks for reading!