Typography Workshop | Collaborative Type

Finished collaboration

Today was our final session of the typography series with tutor Nick; it involved working collaboratively combining our individual experimental typefaces to create a larger outcome.

We were first formed into groups. Our group of 6 was of the largest- which initially didn’t work in our advantage. This is because the more people, the harder it is on deciding what to do. After a shaky start, my group of Joe, Eleanor, Helen, Jo, Becky and I decided on an approach in which we would combine by overlapping elements of each others typefaces. It worked best by pairing up with the most compatible styles to form each word from out phrase “Time For Some Type”.

Eleanor & Joe's Type

Eleanor and Joe’s combined type

Becky and Jo Type in progress

Becky and Jo’s type in progress 

Mine and Helen's In Progress

Helen and Myself- type in progress 

My individual typeface, Divide, was quite complicated and time consuming. This is because it required exact measurements otherwise to prevent it from looking messy and rough. I drew my block letters onto brown paper before cutting two diagonal lines through using a scalpel. Once complete, I used scissors to cut out each individual part of the letter so that it can be arranged on paper. This I left for Helen to do as we arranged that her scripted typeface would be overlaid on top. It was important that when arranging my type with each part being placed offset so that it looks as though it has been cut or divided. 

Time for some type

Once complete, we laid out the sheets of paper on the ground floor of the Creative Arts building to form the letters. This open space allowed the collaborative typography to be photographed whilst on the second floor. After a shaky start in deciding the phrase and typographic approach, I think we worked quite well as a team. Each member had an individual role to play. As my typeface was quite time consuming, a couple of people in the group helped out and made the process much easier for me by having everything prepared. Overall I am quite happy with what we created in session, and had a rather enjoyable time in our last typography workshop.

Thanks for reading!