TLC | Mae Chevrette & Wanderlust

Wanderlust: A strong desire to travel.

This is an important factor in the TLC brief as they are truly inspired by adventure and exploration. This passion is shared with painter, photographer and road-tripper Mae Chevrette who creates a body of mixed media art inspired by her travels. Chevrette is self-taught, with her technique evolving over time- layering travel photography, found objects, paper ephemera and written words. I have previously experimented with Chevrette’s style and found it most rewarding. Although for TLC I don’t intend on taking this visual approach. TLC are very illustrative and typographic- not to mention clean and simple, therefore this approach would not suit the brand. As well as this, generally it would not look as good on a t-shirt. I think Chevrette is a great example of work that links to the brief, as well as this she shows good use of typography with image.

Mae Chevrette WW

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