Rob Lycett | Friday Seminar

This morning’s seminar was focused around the essay posters- in which the majority of us submitted last night.

The poster is supposed to be a visual representation of the subject in our essay, and takes up a high 20% of our module. Therefore it is quite important to get it right. Fortunately, this was only a formative assignment which meant that we would get feedback on it to improve. It is also equivalent to 2000 words of text, however equivalent is the key word here. Rob suggested aiming for around a 500 word count.

The posters were spread out over the tables so that the 6 of us in the seminar could walk around and analyse each poster.

The key aspects that were looking for were:

  • Is the subject easily portrayed through the general visual?
  • Is there accompanying text to discuss the purpose of the poster?
  • Do I find it visually attractive and does it make me want to read the essay?

In doing this, we picked out 5 of our favourites and signed the back of the posters. I only chose the posters in which I felt met the specifications of the brief- and most importantly, what I deemed to be good examples of design.

After we chose our 5 favourites, we then sat down in a group with our own poster in hand and took turns to explain our intentions. I explained that my poster was designed playfully to contradict the subject of my essay- authorship. I wanted to take a postmodernist appropriation approach to foremost attract the viewer and intrigue them to read my essay. As the subject of my essay is so broad, and it references many examples within the modern and postmodern period. I thought it would be create a minimal- easy on the eye design showcasing one visual and the rest with supporting text.

Essay Poster

I felt as though my essay successfully met the specifications of the brief, and I was rather happy with the feedback and attention that it got. Rob suggested that my white line could be removed as it served no purpose. I agreed with this. The only for including it was because I worried my poster was too minimal. Rob also suggested that I remove the 2015, however this was not essential. Overall, thankfully he really liked my poster, and I only intend on making a few small alterations before submitting finally.