The Level Collective Briefing

This morning we were provided with an option of two live briefs: The Level Collective and Mighty Giant. Each brief provided a different approach to design.

The Level Collective…

“An independent ethical clothing label about DESIGN | ADVENTURE | CHANGE. We work with designers and ethical makers from across the world to create; Ethical Apparel – Designed For Adventure. We are based in Sheffield, UK and have followers and customers worldwide.”

Mighty Giant…

“We work together we find out what story it is that needs to be told and decide the best way to tell it. We carefully consider how we bring the idea to life with an approach that will make the topic more engaging and rewarding for your audience.

Once we have this in mind we can set about creating the story. We have a number of tools available that mean we can craft the right solution. 3D, Animation and Motion Graphics are all the buzzwords we’ll throw your way during conversation.

We make it look great. It’s no good going through all this if the end product doesn’t jump off the screen. We combine traditional and contemporary design principles, pulling together a range of resources to engage your audience with a distinctive and eye catching design.”

Out of the two briefs, I am most interested in The Level Collective, this brief, I feel would best suit my style of design. With the Mighty Giant, the brief is completely motion graphics and animation based, therefore instantly I felt I knew that this brief isn’t for me. Although I love animation, it isn’t what I specialise in, and I find it more of a struggle. I still however listened carefully to the Mighty Giant brief. Interestingly, if you have a good idea, rather than creating the finished animation, you can create a story board to present it. This would probably be my approach to the brief, but at the same time I don’t see the point in doing a project in which you don’t create the finished piece.

The Brief

To create a design that could become part of our collection of apparel. The brief aims to give clear direction, without hindering creativity. We must use our own style and skills to create a design that their customers will love which is also in-keeping with their brand identity.

Target Market 

Ages 18-30. Students and young professionals who spend their time and money on travel, outdoor activities and adventure sports.

Product Values

Ethical, Excellent quality, hand screen screenprinted

Brand Ethos

Original, adventurous, authentic, positive, spontaneous, distinct, bold, care-free, natural, creative, energetic, raw, inspirational


Create an original, unisex design using a maximum of 3 colours.


Mountains, Forest, Surfing, Photography, illustration, Quirky, Rustic, Freedom, Aspirational Living


Typographic, Illustrative, Photographic, Geometric, Simple, Detailed, Challenging/Provoking, Retro, Vintage, Abstract.

Should be:

  • Adventure Inspired
  • Audience Specific
  • Gender Neutral
  • Positive
  • Max 3 Colours
  • Screen print…able
  • Original

Never be:

  • Offensive
  • Ignorant
  • Degrading
  • Explicit
  • Religious
  • Spiritual
  • Plagiarised

I am looking forward to getting stuck in to this brief, however at this moment I am very much preoccupied with my essay with the deadline soon approaching. Once past the deadline, I will dive into research and create a body of ideas, in which i can hopefully refine and develop. By working on this brief, it will hopefully provide me with some great commercial work to include in my portfolio. As well as this, if my designs are chosen I will see them all over the world and be paid for my efforts.