YCN MOO | Photo-shoot Production

With everything ready for the shoot, I went to the studio with my friend Joe on a Saturday to set up my scene. Initially I had decided to use this metal box frame that was already in the studio. This was so that I could suspend my photography content using fishing wire. However, due to the paper roll back drop being very wide, it was difficult to manoeuvre constricted within the frame; creases and bumps often appeared because the paper was not level. It was then Joe’s idea to use two tall stands and try finding something to panel across so that the objects can be suspended.

Before leaving, Joe helped me set up my lighting equipment. I was then able to begin suspending my objects. Firstly, I placed the MDF head in the centre leant in front of a tube of paint. Using two large rulers, I taped them to the stands, and began tying my objects around the fishing wire. To achieve dynamic angles, I threaded the wire through situated holes in the objects so that they would hang in a certain way. Before doing all this, I had borrowed a friend’s phone to video a time-lapse. Unfortunately the quality isn’t great, but it shows how the shoot came together.

The shoot was very time consuming- mainly the setting up. Things went wrong, and I was shortened for time towards the end, however I’m quite pleased with the result and look forward to taking the photography to my finals for MOO.