YCN MOO | Photo-shoot Preparation

In preparation for shoot, I designed a head and brain silhouette on illustrator. This was because I want it to be a celebration, not only of design, but the mind- concept behind design. I think the concept is essential in great design. It allows work to be more practical, thorough and in depth- which people find interesting. Using my knowledge of the laser cutter, I set my design as a hairline drawing in the colour black so that it can be cut straight through 6mm MDF. I included two different sized scales, the largest created so that the brain cuts from the head, whereas the other was kept separate.

Once the drawings were cut on the laser cutter, I could paint them for my photo-shoot. I had been considering whether or not to paint the head along with the type black or white. From experimenting with the digital variations, I came to the conclusion that white would work more effectively with use of coloured backgrounds. As well as this, it also generally looked more appealing in the variations. It was important to paint it either a matte black or white as the wooden finish wouldn’t have suited MOO. Colour was also not really an option as I wanted the background the use bold colour.