YCN MOO | Final Digital Variation

Before jumping straight into the final photo-shoot, I thought it would be a good idea to try some digital variation. By doing this, I can experiment with layout and colour. I can envision how I want the shoot to look in my head, however I need to decide on what colour my background should be. Whatever colour the background, the type must compliment it. I also knew that I wanted my type to be suspended relatively centre, therefore only needed to experiment with its layout slightly. By doing this, it gives me an approach for the shoot, and from there I can experiment again.

I began with a basic white background even though I have no intention of using a the backdrop within the photo-shoot, I thought it would be easier when experimenting with layout. I created a variation of three. The first two are well structured, whereas the last is a little more playful. This will most likely be my approach as it will be quite difficult to get the letters exactly the same height when suspending them individually. I then took these variations and experimented with different colour. I thought it would be easier to alternate with black and white type and a coloured background.