Rob Seminar | Essay Writing

In this mornings seminar with Rob, we focused on essay writing as the deadline is soon approaching. I really needed this seminar as I am struggling with my essay. So far I have a basic subject: Authorship and a 500 word draft. However, my subject needs to be refined as it is too vague. Because authorship is so wide and can be applied to more than art or design, it has been difficult to find sources relating to my interest.

Rob began the seminar with a breakdown of how the theory will be graded.

Essay- 25%

Poster- 20%

Contextual portfolio- 40%

Report- 10%

Abstract Essay- 5%

Thankfully, I work on my contextual portfolio frequently by blogging my university sessions and interests. Therefore should have a good body of work to be graded when meeting submission. I have also completed the report to a decent standard getting a high B grade. Therefore half of the theory module I have already done. This put things into perspective and calmed me. Rob also told us that although the deadline is on the 26th, if we submit a poorly wrote essay in which doesn’t meet the pass criteria, then you have the option for a referral so that it can be worked on after Easter. I hope to not get to this stage, but it is nice to know that you the option.

Rob stressed the importance of how to approach essay writing. He recommended a process of gradually working on it. by writing small amounts every day it quickly builds up without any realisation. It is important to be organised and try set yourself a target every day, for example, time of your essay could be spent for 30 minutes every day for a week. The good thing about doing this is that it allows you to have a breather so you are not constantly thinking about the essay and becoming daunted by it. Rob also suggested that it can be beneficial to take time out of Microsoft word and use other software such as Notepad whilst in the developing stage.

I found this seminar quite useful as it put into perspective as to how much I need to you, but yet kept me calm preventing me from panicking. The first thing I need to do with my essay is to try refine the subject and create a general structure in which I can work with. This way it will give me an idea of where it is going, and hopefully result in a conclusion to an argument. A few days ago, Rob recommended some resources for me to check out regarding my subject. In my own time I will  do so. Hopefully they will provide me with some good sources to include within my essay and help my general knowledge of the subject so that i can create my own opinion.