YCN MOO | Finalising Idea

From completing my laser cutter experimentation, I felt quite satisfied with my exploration, and now wanted to refine my ideas to start thinking about my final outcome. I decided that the combination of my paper illustrations photography along with the laser cut type would look quite good together. The use of different media and materials makes the image more difficult to establish how it has been made. As well as using laser cut type, I have decided to use a silhouette illustration of a head and brain. This is because I want the message to be a celebration- not only of design, but the mind and concept behind design.



To start thinking about how the photo-shoot is going to work I began sketching. I really like the idea of suspending the laser cut typography so that it looks as though it is floating in the air, whereas in actual fact it will be hanging from a thread of fishing wire. To do this I will need some sort of frame or bar above in which I can hook the wire onto. Laying out the paper illustrations will be the easy part, however I might also suspend some of them. Doing this will take time, however I want to capture a good variation of photography so that I have more choice for the final representation.

Before proceeding straight into the photo-shoot, I need to send off my illustration of the head and brain to be laser cut. I then intend to experiment digitally manipulating type onto my existing photos to get an idea of what colour to use and which layout to attempt. With that done, I can then paint some of my MDF cut outs to the chosen colour (baring in mind the back drop colour) and start setting up my scene. I hope to do be ready for the weekend.