YCN MOO | Laser Cutting Type

MOO Laser Cutter EXP

From researching Hort, I really liked the Jassenova piece project in which they used cut out type- reading “Jassenova” from materials such as card and foam. When visiting Hort, I actually saw this piece in person. The type letters were mounted on top of each other to create a cool 3d popped out appearance. What is interesting is that when photographed from the front, you can’t tell that it is a physical- it could easily pass for digital. This made me want to take my newfound knowledge of laser cutting, and experiment with type using the MOO tagline Design Works Wonders.

Like my previous experimentation, I wanted to try out different techniques of cutting and etching. However, this time, I knew better what would work, and what wouldn’t. For example, a problem that I had with my illustrations is that the lines were occasionally too thin which left them fragile and caused to break. Another example is when etching larger surfaces, it is more likely to leave behind burn marks. These mistakes were taken into consideration to that I can avoid them when experimenting with type. I set up a few different documents so that I could playfully test them with paper and MDF.