Laser Cutter Experimentation

Rather than just relying on the internet, I decided to visit Queen Street studios and ask the technicians about the laser cutter. A member of staff kindly showed me the studio where the laser cutter is kept and told me about the materials available along with the prices per sheet. I was then directed to another member of staff where I showed him my intended documents for sending to the laser cutter. I decided to use my illustrations as they are simple and can be tried in a variety of techniques. Thankfully, I was told that there should be no problem in using my illustrations.

Before sending my illustrations to the laser cutter, I had to ensure that they were set up correctly. This meant that I needed to change areas to red and black in order to be cut or engraved. This was a little time consuming and problematic on Illustrator with my specific illustrations. I intended on experimenting with card as well as MDF, therefore set up documents for A4- to cut through my provided multicolored card, and A3 to cut through the MDF. Generally I was pleased with this experiment. It allowed me to test the laser cutter, see its capability and gauge what works well, and not so much.