Cereal Packaging Workshop

In my spare time, I have proceeding designing my packaging for the cereal Monkey Munch. This was for a workshop with tutor Jay a couple of weeks ago. For next session, we should have a completed packaging design in which can then be printed and and folded to a cereal box. The intention is to have many printed out examples so that Jay can photograph them together. Although out next session isn’t for another few weeks, I thought I might as well carry on in my spare time. I didn’t really see it as a chore and instead found it rather stimulating.

I carried on building my design on Illustrator. The most frustrating part was choosing the heading type. Finally I settled with something playful- cartoon like and appropriate for the cereal. Once I had created the basic layout and content, I began to illustrate imagery such as leaves and bananas to make it more attractive and professional. To make it look less like an illustrator file, I took it into photoshop where I overlaid an image of textured grass to give the design something a bit different and link with the jungle theme. I’m quite pleased with my outcome and look forward to printing it in our next session.

Monkey Munch Packaging