Brass Agency Workshop

As part of workshop week at university, I have signed up a variety of sessions. This morning I participated in a workshop led by Ally Dowsing-Reynolds and Rebecca Tredget from Brass agency who were kind enough to visit University. The workshop began with a talk from Brass- explaining who they are and what they do, followed by a an interactive workshop where were brainstormed ideas for their current project working with the sweets company MAOAM.

Who are Brass?

Brass Agency are a independent full-service communications agency that create business transforming campaigns and content. Based in Leeds, they are a team of 150 who have now branched out to an office in London.  Brass have won many awards and have worked for clients such as the CBBC and Ribena.

Check out Brass here.

Ally- head of digital strategy and social media, explained that Brass work online and offline, specialising in digital projects such as building websites and social media. However, they now associate themselves more as a content marketing agency. This is because the digital industry changes very quickly and frequently. Currently, content marketing is very important and core to a successful agency.

We were showed some cool projects that they have done for clients such as Lucozade and Schwarzkopf. Brass have a range of skills in diverse media; from animation to print, or infographics to games. It was really interesting to see the projects they have worked on and to hear the different departments of the agency that work together to make that end result for the client. As the industry and popular trends are always changing, Ally explained that in today’s culture, you need to get things done fast and efficiently to get the best results. This means that when brainstorming, you must be much quicker and bounce back ideas to get a range of options which can be filtered.

Something that Brass have started doing a lot more lately is using GIFS and Vines to advertise and get the message across. This is because that studies show young people don’t have much of an attention span and get bored very easily. There is no point going to lots of effort creating an amazing game or video if they don’t think people are going to commit to it and instead get bored after the first few seconds. As a communications agency, marketing is very important as it influences their decision making. After talking, Ally wanted us to contribute and help brainstorm ideas for the company MAOAM, this is because our ages fell within their target audience of 16-24.

We split up into two groups with a leader each; I had Rebecca Tredget. Rebecca works closely with social media and ensures the creatives within Brass are up to scratch so that she can report to the creative director. As well as this, Rebecca has to be creative herself and contribute good ideas so that she can occasionally get involved herself. In the brainstorm, we would discuss and think of new ways to advertise MAOM. Some were a little far-fetched, but when brainstorming it doesn’t really matter because it helps to generate ideas and bounce back from one another. I found this part of the workshop enjoyable because it gave you the chance to pitch in ideas and discuss collaboratively.

Before leaving, I caught Ally and Rebecca, and asked their opinion about applying for internships. So far, I have had nothing promising with my applications and a lot of the time companies will not even reply. Ally and Rebecca suggested that I should follow up with a phone call, or if I can, go down in person. It is important to try and make an impression and stand out from the crowd so that you are remembered. I also showed Ally my CV and Covered Letter in which she was impressed by, but had a few suggestions to help improve how it reads to the employer.

Overall, I found this workshop very helpful and interesting as well as enjoyable, therefore am thankful that I decided to go.

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