YCN MOO | Lucas Jubb

Lucas Jubb is a very talented freelance illustrator and graphic designer living and working from West Yorkshire, England. I am familiar with Lucas’ work because he is a previous student at the University of Huddersfield and I have seen some of his projects around the studio. The work that I am most familiar with is an illustrative laser cut piece for XL recordings brief. I found this piece very impressive, and led me onto thinking about experimenting with the laser cutter in a similar style.

I’ve always wanted to use the laser cutter, it is something I’ve never done before. After just finishing experimenting with my paper illustrations, I know that I want my final piece for YCN MOO to be something physical in which I can photograph. I feel as though, by including imagery in which has been put through on the laser cutter- whether paper, wood, or plastic; will give the scene dynamic and impressive appearance. By including a range of media it leaves more wonder as to how the piece was made.

When contacting Lucas to gain his permission for blogging, he was very supportive and insightful by suggesting for me to check out a design firm called Big Secret- who do a lot of work with the laser cutter. My next stage in the project is to read up on laser cutting so that I can do a little experimentation.

To see more of Lucas, check out his website @