HORT is a multi-award winning design agency based in Berlin, Germany. They have worked with clients such as: Nike, Universal and The New York Times. My images used our scans from the brilliant book Stereographics.

The name HORT is a direct translation of the studio’s mission; a creative playground. A place in which “work and play” can be said in the same sentence- an unconventional working environment. I absolutely love this motto because it is something I live by myself. Whenever working on a project, I always try to include an element of “play”. By doing this I am more interested in what I’m making whilst having fun doing it.

HORT- Stereographics

I have known of HORT for quite some time, however never properly looked at their work until visiting the Berlin studio on a trip with University. Due to the range of wonderfully creative and conceptual work, as well as the ethos and motto- I instantly fell in love with the studio. Like myself, HORT find inspiration outside design. Interestingly, if they can, they try to create work away from the computer and make things physically. We were shown a range of recent projects that reflected on this. Due to their playfulness and creative flare, HORT will be my inspiration when creating my final piece.

HORT- Stereographics2

There is a lot more new and exciting work HORT have been involved with; why not check out their website?