YCN MOO | Paper Illustrations

Using paper roll borrowed from the University photography shop, I set up my scene by taping the paper on a curve at the back of the frame. This is so that the light would bounce back and go down the paper; meaning that you won’t see as many creases or marks. This will ensure a better and more professional appearance. However, as the paper was very wide, it was difficult to manoeuvre around the frame. This caused creases and marks to frequently appear. This wasn’t anything to worry about; once photographed, I easily edited the photos to remove any patches in the background.Paper Illustrations

I then decided to take the photo-shoot further and experiment with different coloured paper for my background. Fortunately I was able to use some yellow card- which was a great improvement. By using a coloured background, it looked more in the style of MOO’s signature photography. I also experimented more with the layout of my objects by changing the scene and trying to use the illustrations more playfully. To do this, I balanced some on top of each other, and even used fishing wire to hang certain objects from the friend. This resulted in a more dynamic and engaging appearance.