YCN MOO | Origami Experimentation

Inspired by Aishti Minis and the WAY Channel, I decided to experiment with paper illustrations, which was one of my initial ideas. The concept for my experimentation was to create paper illustrations that target the different types of audience for MOO; such as Fashion, Creative, Food and Drink, and Health and Fitness. Therefore I decided to create iconic objects that represent some of these audiences. My chosen objects were a: Pineapple- for healthy food, Camera- for creative, Piano and chair- for musicians, and a Suit and Tie- for business and fashion.

I had never done origami or paper illustrations at this much depth before, therefore used online videos and tutorials to help me. Some videos were basic and helped me to create simple things such as a box. Whereas other videos were more specific in which I followed a step by step process. Creating the paper illustrations took me forever, but the longer I did it, the better I was getting, therefore the process sped up. Once I had completed them to a good standard, I took them to University, where I could photograph them behind a background.