Rob Seminar | Analysing Text

This morning’s seminar with tutor Rob gave us the opportunity to discuss our chosen text pieces and get feedback from our peers.

For the session we had to bring in pages 2 and 3 of the indesign document that Rob provided us with. This included the original text piece, however we had certain restrictions as to when designing on the page. The font had to be Rob’s redacted version, and it had to stay within the provided guides. Other than that we could choose any size and structure it freely. I decided to keep my fairly simple, but to give it an edge I duplicated the large title and filled the page in the background. To then make my body of text readable, I ensured that it was within a white filled box.


Although we didn’t need to at this stage, I decided to redact my chosen text and bring that with me to get some feedback. In groups, my peers gave me some positive opinions; they actually preferred by redacted version to the original manifesto and appreciated how I managed to bring across both Bob Noorda and my own view. Rob also said he admires how I have challenged the manifesto whilst still appreciating it.

Credo Redacted


I’m really happy with my redacted version, by doing it, it helped me structure the layout for the original manifesto and helped me decide on my approach. Next Friday we don’t have a seminar with Rob, so we need to have finished our book pages for Tuesday, which is when our assessment is. When doing my layout, I didn’t really give it much thought and went straight into designing it. I did however know that I wanted the heading to to large to make the entire piece more engaging.