YCN MOO | Aishti Minis

Aishti is an undisputed fashion and luxury products market leader in Lebanon. Aishti Minis is the children’s department store based in Beirut. Included is an advertising campaign created by Sagmeister & Walsh. This involved cut paper photo illustrations making up various scenes and including clothing to show the children. The campaign images were used in newspapers, magazines and billboards in the Middle East. This work is another example of creative and playful design which I am inspired by- again by Sagmeister & Walsh. Interestingly, I am also a fan of the photographer in this campaign, Bela Borsodi, whose work- “A Decade of Design” featured in my Conversation project.

I completely stumbled across this project when researching and was pleasantly surprised when finding out it was Sagmeister & Walsh. From looking at previous submissions and noticing a lot of animation, it set my idea of taking a physical approach in which can be photographed. I discovered Aishti Minis from looking at paper illustrations and origami. This interest was one of my initial thoughts but led from seeing the typographic collaborative submission in which they had formed Design Works Wonders out of cut paper. I really like the idea of using paper and showing creativity but doing so in a playful way like the Aishti Minis advertising campaign does.