Cereal Packaging Design Workshop

In today’s session with tutor Jay, we proceeded with our workshop in character creation and packaging design to create our own cereal brand. In preparation for this session, I had already drawn up a new of my cereal packaging Monkey Munch using the net that jay provided. However, my net was drawn free-hand therefore the measurements were not correct.

monkeymunch net

Using Illustrator, I set up my design as the background layer, along with the existing net that Jay provided us with. By using these as the background images, it allowed us to create our own net following the template and using the pen tool. I ensured that when doing this my lines were straight and equal- it helped my using the ruler and placing guides on the particular areas.

With the net complete, I could now began digitally creating my design. I started off with the bowl of cereal, because this takes up a good amount of the front and I knew it would take some time. Using an image of a bowl off the internet, I traced around it using the Pen tool, and created chocolate cereal balls that look like Malteasers inside. I then duplicated the different sized balls and placed them in the background and on a lower opacity so the bowl looked more full.

I then moved onto creating the Monkey, which again I knew was going to be time consuming. Using my scanned drawing, I outlined features of the monkey, before dropping in colour. The illustration itself was rather simple, it was just quite frustrating to get the layering right so that his features looked the best. With that complete I then added a green background to associate the monkey with the jungle. Below shows my progress so far.

DevelopmentAt the moment, the design is looking very bare. I still need to create the title, and once done that, I can begin detailing and adding product information to make it see more professional and realistic. To give the design a better feel, I may create tree silhouette illustrations for the background which will break up the blocked green colour and give the design a bit more depth.

I didn’t get done as much as I would have liked to in the session, although I am pleased with what I have created. Fortunately, we have over a month to finish the design before it has to be printed and tested, therefore there is no rush. I might however, try get it done and out the way sometimes soon. Overall this workshop was fine. I felt much better having decided on my product and feeling confident enough to take it to Illustrator.