Staff Specialism | Jonathan Lindley

In today’s morning lecture, previous student and new tutor Johnny spoke about himself and his professional practice. As Johhny is quite new to the team, It was a good opportunity to get to know him better as I haven’t had chance to speak with him.

Although studying Graphic Design, Johnny found himself becoming very interested in Animation. This lead from his final year stop motion submission- the “Yellow Bird Project”. The project was the first time Johnny attempted any form of animation. It seemed to be time consuming- being stop motion, however the end result was quite impressive. Using crafted materials, Johnny created a scene and characters in which he moved to create his stop motion animation. The main character was playing the guitar and appeared to be singing to the background music.

Johnny said that when at University, he didn’t do a placement year and instead went straight into his third and final year. He never had given it much thought, and felt as though in doing a placement it will all be commercial work which he didn’t want to do. After graduating, Johnny struggled for work and after a few bits and bobs came back to Huddersfield University to proceed onto a Masters degree. From graduating he improved his passion for animation and showed us projects such as: Lightning Bolt, Refused. Ex Luna Science and Enter Shakari.

Johnny is a very talented animator and designer. Please check out some of his work here.

My personal favourite is his Fall Line project. This was made in Cinema 4D which is something that I’ve been becoming more familiar with lately. I am not interested in Animation as much as I am to design, therefore sometimes don’t understand it. However, the Fall Line project presented a story which I easily grasped and showed great skill and creativity which I admired. Johnny prefers some of his other work in comparison to this, usually involving his interest in music. As these animations were usually personal, they often became lost on me, however they still showed great skill and talent.

I do appreciate animation, but it isn’t something that I can really do myself- simply don’t have the endurance! Overall, I found this lecture quite interesting and it was refreshing to hear about work that isn’t driven with commercial purposes- and instead passion.