Introduction to Modelling | Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is something that I have done before in workshops and tutorials, but never gone out of my way to learn, or better my basic knowledge. Looking at examples such as 30 Isometric Renders in 30 days, I found to be inspiring because it would be great if I could make something like that myself. Therefore I decided to follow a three part tutorial in the basics of modelling. I used the resourceful website Greyscalegorilla which provided me with a video tutorial. My introduction series began with the basics of selecting points, polys, and edges. Doing this I picked up on quick and basic shortcuts.

The second part of the tutorial moved on to the Extrude tool- which is essential for polygon modelling. This was the most exciting part of the tutorial as you could instantly see the effect you were having on the object. In part three, we moved on to the inner extrude and bevel tool. These tools are useful when modelling as they give objects a realistic appearance as opposed to sharp cornered edges. Overall I found this tutorial quite helpful and picked up some new software knowledge. However Cinema 4D is something that doesn’t come easy to me, therefore takes me a while to grasp.

Below shows some of the stages within my tutorial. Interestingly, they all evolved from a basic cube shape. In the tutorial, it said that you quite often find yourself starting with a cube- no matter what your making.