Monkey Munch Packaging Design

A couple of weeks ago with our tutor Jay, he introduced to us our new workshop in which we have to create a character that represents a new brand of breakfast cereal. After multiple sketches, I decided to go with my Monkey Character (Who still doesn’t have a name) and represent a new cereal called Monkey Munch.

This character will be used on packaging in which we will design and eventually produce mock ups for. I have targeted the cereal for children and teenagers around the ages 5-12, and created the tagline “Breakfast for your little Monkeys”. The tagline is actually targeted towards parents as they will be the ones most likely to buy the cereal. I like the simplicity of the tagline, implying that the children are cheeky, wild and mischievous by referring to them as monkeys.

Although aimed around ages 5-12, this does not mean that anybody younger or older cannot enjoy Monkey Munch. Coco Pops is a very well known cereal that originally targeted a younger audience, however because of how known and popular it is, many people at various ages enjoy it and buy it regularly.

I have already created my character, sketched various layouts and now have completed my Net template, shown below. This means that the upcoming Wednesday- when we carry on with the workshop session, I will be able to start taking my design digital in Illustrator.

Monkey Munch Net