YCN MOO | Virtual Reality

From the early stages of the project, I wasn’t sure If I should create something physical or digital, therefore have decided to research both. On Behance, I discovered a project titled “30 Isometric Renders in 30 days”. The designer, Michiel Van Den Berg set up a personal project in which he would get ideas from his sketchbook and crate them on the screen, one Isometric render a day. This uses the software Cinema 4D. The quality of render is ridiculously good, and he has ensured the lighting and shadows are perfect. This project attracted me because, again it plays with your reception.

It can sometimes be difficult to identify whether something is real, virtually real; physical or digital. Due to the high quality and perfectly renders shapes, Cinema 4d has the capability to make anything look real. Some of the renders created by Michiel Van Berg are a little more obvious than others, but to the untrained eye they could easily be models or 3d prints. Recently in a lecture with Jay, he showed us such realistic renders of his favourite cars. It is interesting how design can make you question and wonder how it has been created.. I really like this approach to perception.

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