YCN MOO | Truly Design

Inspired by Sagmeister & Walsh’s Happy Show, I decided to research other playful installations and exhibitions; in which I discovered the Pegasus Anamorph- created by Truly Design. Truly Design was born in 2003 as a graffiti crew. Curious, passionate and dedicated to experimentation, they derive their inspiration from mostly traditional painting, graphic design and illustration. In 2007, the group founded their studio specialising in urban art design and illustration for commercial projects such as Samsung and Nike as well as artistic projects which they do for themselves.

Truly design is inspired by Street Art, and has created installations in which plays with the focal point- Pegasus Anamorph being one of them. The popularity of their paintings is what encouraged them to do more. Pegasus Anamorph derived from their previous piece Medusa. Around the time that I discovered this project, I had a lecture with tutor Tracy in which explored perception and optical design. This led to my interest in the Pegasus Anamorph. I like how Truly Design play with perception as their paintings can only be properly seen from a certain angle. It is quite impressive.

If you want to see more of Truly Design, click me.