Celebration Illustrations | Digital Development

Using a scanned image of the drawings, I digitally created the illustrations using Adobe Illustrator. When creating the outlines, Illustrator makes it much easier, tracing with the pen tool. If you make any mistakes, you can simply alter your path using the anchor points. As well as this, Illustrator ensures a clean and smooth finish; whereas Photoshop would create a messy and pixelated finish. As well as this, Photoshop would be much more time consuming as you would need to draw it correctly first time.


In Illustrator, the striped line half tone was simple. I easily drew the lines at a 45 degree angle and used the align tool to ensure the correct width and height. However, placing it within certain areas of the illustrations was far more difficult. I used the pathfinder tool frequently but it didn’t always work. When doing the dotted half tone, it exported extremely pixelated. I was getting awful results, and decided to take my illustrations and my striped half tone to Photoshop where I could easily apply it.

Halftone illustrations