Celebration Illustrations | Colouring In

With the half-tone created to a satisfied standard; I wanted to see what they would look like with a drop of colour, therefore experimented on Photoshop. When looking at Nick Deakin’s work, he often uses only Black and White. This is something I generally prefer doing as well. However, MOO are a colourful brand, therefore- using the provided colour palette, I coloured illustrations similar to MOO’s. It was important that when doing this I used the exact colours from their palette so supports the brand identity.

When adding colour, I tried to keep it to a minimum of 6 shades to create consistency and support the MOO brand identity. Not all colours worked. What started out as an illustration of a cupcake soon became an ice cream. I experimented with colour, but no other variations seemed to fit as well. With the flowers, I wanted to use vivid colours, but the only appropriate shades were pastel. With the party hat, I originally planned on including 2 coloured half tones, but found it looking too busy after trying.

Halftone illustrations Colour