YCN MOO | Celebration

With any project, I tend to re-read the brief at different stages to ensure that I am progressing and maintaining. At the beginning of the brief, MOO asks for us to “Visually celebrate MOO’s belief that Design Works Wonders”. I feel as though “Celebrate” is a good buzzword for the MOO brief. I really like the idea of visualizing a celebration. I feel that this concept would be opportunistic to be playful, not only to portray playfulness but to have fun in creating something. If I enjoy doing it tends to show in the outcome.

If I was to develop this approach, I envision using MOO’s photography style to incorporate the house colours and use objects . The style and concept would reflect rather well on MOO’s brand personality and work very well for promotional material. I have decided to create a quick mood board of visuals that present a celebration. However, I feel that just to photograph objects portraying a celebration is too simple for what I want, therefore will try and incorporate this idea into something else.