MOO | Celebration Illustrations

I thought that it was important to experiment with illustration to provide good imagery for a later stage within my project. In doing this, I decided to focus of this idea of a celebration. Therefore, from gathering my Celebration mood board, I used the imagery to sketch up 6 drawings of the items: cupcake, balloon, flowers, party hat, champagne and party poppers. I chose the items because I feel they are obvious representations of a celebration and therefore can easily bring across the theme.

When drawing, I really tried to target in on the style of MOO by bearing in mind the use of half tone. As you can see I have experimented with the dotted technique in certain parts of the items, but did not experiment with the line strokes. As I was inspired by Nick Deakin’s illustrations, I ensured that the drawings were not overcomplicated or too neat, which I often tend to do. I intend on taking these drawings digital-develop the MOO style and experiment with the use of dotted and lined half tone.