Staff Specialism | Jay Payne

Today’s Staff Specialism lecture was with tutor Jay Payne. Jay is associated mainly with Animation and Cinema 4D due to his taught tutorials at University; however the lecture gave him the opportunity to talk a bit about himself and the development of his career.

Since a child, he was always drawing and taking things apart. His upbringing influences were:

  • Kid TV
  • Gerry and Silvia Anderson
  • Stingray
  • Thunderbirds
  • Voyage to the bottom of the sea

From his love of taking things apart, Jay’s parents bought him Airfix Kits in which he could put together. Airfix were model structures which you could assemble, and not so popular anymore.

Interestingly Jay told us that he went to Blackpool and Fylde College. This caught my attention because I am from Blackpool, know the college well, and all the times I’ve spoke to Jay I have never heard it be mentioned before. At college he studied technical illustration, which looked a lot like product design. The illustrations were very detailed and looked almost like blueprints.

From college, Jay managed to get a job as a Technical illustrator and would illustrate parts manuals. He couldn’t show us a lot of work that he had done because unfortunately it was out of his hands and in the employers. Some of his work he was also not allowed to tell people due to the restrictions set my the Ministry of Defence. It was a tedious job, but Jay worked there for 5 years. However, because of the development of technology, technical illustrators were no longer needed. Therefore Jay began to start learning how to use a computer.

Through a friend, Jay was offered the opportunity of designing a nightclub called 20th Century. I was already familiar with this because Jay had told me before when during the rebranding project. This is because I were researching into Art Deco, and Jay explained that his designs for the nightclub were inspired by Art Deco.

Jay then went to study at Huddersfield University doing Technical Animation, which was recommended my our other tutor Rob Lycett.  Jay found himself often helping other students with software, and through this was employed to do it professionally at the University until progressing to be a full time tutor.

Now Jay is very much interested in Cinema 4D. From his love for cars, he combined them with Cinema 4D and created multiple renders in which he put on the website 3D Classics. This is an animation he made with his renders.

More recently, Jay has been working collaboratively with a tutor in the music department. Jay has been asked to create short films for tracks of his music. Below is a piece called Clockwork Cities.

Overall I really enjoyed the lecture. I always find it interesting to hear about what my tutors have done and what experiences they have had. Some of the animation within the lecture was a bit lost of me, because animation is generally not my thing- but it was nice to hear about Jay’s career. Sadly he couldn’t show us all of his work has some has been lost due to accidental affairs, employers and restrictions with the Ministry of Defense. It was quite exciting that Jay couldn’t say anything about that!