Rob Seminar | Redacted Reading

In this mornings seminar with Rob, we focused on redacted reading. This type of reading is the inverse to highlighting key words. It in face acts as a mask so that the reveal words can be read. By doing this, it can provide a different number of readings for the same text.

Rob created his own type called”Redacted”, this was based on an a traditional serif font in which he tweaked. He then created another version of the type which would act as the bold version- this was Redacted black. The redacted black version is the same typeface, however it has a black stroke going through it. It was important that the stroke still kept an essence of text but yet still obscured it.

Rob then introduced to us that we will be using this type to create our own manifesto. Interestingly this will generate from the 2000 version of manifesto First things first. We have to use the text as design material, extracting a new meaning and essentially writing our own manifesto. Rob printed the manifesto off so that we could scribble over it and get an idea for our extracting text. Once happy with it, we must have a version on indesign that we can then send him. For next session we have to bring in three pieces of annotated text. This will help build our contextual portfolio.

Redacted Manifesto