Moo Ideas Mind Map

moo ideas map

I have already created a mind map for the MOO brief, however this included information such as the brand identity, target audience and specifications of the brief. The mind map touched upon some of my initial ideas when getting the brief, however, now that I am back from Berlin, I have had time to do a little thinking, and thought I would create another mind map to refine my ideas.

The key main aspects are: Physical, Digital and Playfulness. Physical and Digital branch my ideas of output and reference designers and artists for inspiration. Playfulness is something I want to bring into the project and portray through my work. This is because, I feel that playfulness is something that really reflects MOO- I want my work to make people smile and show great creativity. This is why I am leaning to creating something physical for my outcome, however I would like to experiment through different medias first. For example, MOO’s illustration style is very simple and appealing, therefore I may experiment with my own illustrations in their style.