Typography Workshop | Nick Deakin

Today’s workshop with Nick focussed on Typography. He began the session by showing us various examples of creative typefaces. We were then told that for the session we will be provided with a grid of A4 paper, and we had to choose a phrase or quote that can be used to create our typeface.

The grid had 16 slots, therefore my chosen phrase could not go over the limit. I decided to choose the phrase “Cannot be bothered”. There wasn’t much thought put into my phrase to be honest. I have been known to spend too much time thinking about the concept rather than just getting on with it, and with this workshop the phrase didn’t really matter- it was all about the typography.

Being aware that we had Nick’s typography workshop today, I was prepared with a couple of books which I had got from the library: Typography Sketchbooks and Hand Job. Both books show well made, experimental and playful typefaces and typography pieces, therefore I expected them to come into use.

cover $_35

Nick said that when experimenting with our typeface, we can either create our entire phrase in the same consistent style. Or, to experiment further, do each letter in a different style. I decided to do this, as not only will it be beneficial, but it will also be more fun. Therefore using the books for inspiration, I began sketching my letters to form “cannot be bothered”. I started off using pencil and created the basic shape forms, however, then refined them with black pen.

Cannot be arsed

Overall, I am quite please with my typefaces. For next session, Nick said we are to go bigger and each slot within the grid will be the size of an A4 piece of paper. Again, I could either experiment with new typefaces, or refine a created style.

As I am happy with what I have done in the session, I think next time I will choose only one style and use it consistently throughout my phrase. I am unsure which style I will choose. My favourites are the N’s, the A and the T. In my spare time, I may test out a few more letters in these styles so that next week I will have a better idea of which will look better on a bigger scale. In addition to this, I may think about other phrases or quotes that will reflect better on my favourite styles.